Healthy New Year Gift: Take Natural Respiratory Herbs to Heal Respiratory Problem

Healthy New Year gift Who suffers from Natural Respiratory`

Respiratory problems can vary from full blown asthma to allergies, chronic cough to even something worse. At certain seasons of the year, your agony is likely to peak. This can also happen when your body is more susceptible such as being attacked by cold. Maintaining a good respiratory health is crucial and the good news is most of these infections is preventable. Instead of dealing with the dizzy and drowsy side effects that are mostly accompanied by modern medicines, get all natural support for prime respiratory health.

 WinterWell™ from Savesta

This New Year if any of your loved one is suffering from respiratory problems give him/her a healthy New Year gift in the form of natural respiratory herbs and help them keep healthy all through the year.

Heal respiratory problems with herbs

Dong Quai: as per studies it has been discovered that this herb is highly beneficial in treating respiratory problems and varied allergies. Our blood cell releases substances such as serotonin and histamine that responds to whatever irritates the body and results in allergies from allergens such as fur, dust or pollen grains. Hence, the antiserotonin and antihistamine properties present in dong quai help in preventing such allergic infections from occurring.

Eucalyptus: inhaling eucalyptus oil will work wonders in treating respiratory infections. For best results, pour a few drops of this essential oil either on a cotton ball or a handkerchief and sleep with this on your pillow. The aroma of eucalyptus essential oil will work wonders in making your throat and chest feel better and will also beat cough for good. This is one of the most effective natural respiratory herbs.

Mullein: known as a natural wonder herb, mullein is amongst the few herbs that possesses versatile applications. It is well-known for its health benefits from antiquity. Mullein is a renowned natural remedy for tracheaitis, bronchitis, whooping cough, tonsillitis, sinus congestion, laryngitis, hoarseness, emphysema, croup, coughs, colds, and asthma. It works wonders in soothing the throat and lungs. It has proven beneficial in strengthening the sinuses thereby paving the way for free breathing. Mullein also enables expectoration of surplus mucus and strengthens and nourishes the lungs.

Give these natural respiratory herbs to your loved ones as a healthy New Year gift and help them stay in the pink of health all through the year.


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