Gifts for New Year : Try Side-effects Free Herbs for Stress

Gifts for a healthy New Year

The new year greeting card is a popular way of conveying your best wishes and love to your loved ones. This year try taking it to a further level by sending gifts for the New Year in the form of herbs for stress for a healthy living. This will be an ideal gift for all fitness enthusiasts who are all set in making resolutions for turning over a new leaf for getting healthy.

Himalaya Ashwagandha

Holidays are a great time for celebrating fitness and health. Make the most of this New Year in committing to your goals of getting healthy. Check out these side effects free herbs that will help you along the process.

Stressed out? Try herbs for stress

  • Ginseng: this acts as an adaptogen that helps the body in handling stress more effectively along with decreasing the negative effects that has on one’s system. Its chief ingredient, ginsenosides helps in mitigating the negative properties of stress and enhancing the physical and intellectual performance.
  • Passion Flower: it contains a mild tranquilizing effect that helps in relaxing the blood vessel spasms that can prove helpful for migraines. As per studies it has been discovered that passion flower has a calming effect without being sedating thereby helping to reduce stress. It is side effect free and is much safer compared to pharmaceutical tranquilizers. These herbs for stress are one of the most ideal gifts for the New Year to stay stress-free and relaxed.
  • Lavender: apart from relieving headaches, indigestion and lifting the mood, lavender help in encouraging natural sleep that is vital for coping with stress. Along with being one of the most beneficial stress herbs, lavender has myriad health benefits.
  • Rose: For many centuries, rose is being praised for several reasons. Not many are aware of the fact that rose also contains herbal properties. This too is a stress-friendly herb that helps to soothe and calm irritability and anger. It also encourages in soothing emotional difficulties and healing stress and anxiety.

Check out these herbs for stress as ideal gifts for a New Year that will help you along the process. Happy New Year from!!


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