Healthy New Year Gift: Is Taking Natural Respiratory Herbs Always a Safe Option? Let’s Find Out

New Year and respiratory problems

New Year is a time when people throw a bash to welcome the approaching year. Unfortunately, the lack of vigilance and supervision turns the grand celebration to a tragic one for some. The trouble with New Year or be it any other festival is that one needs to visit family and friends, buy gifts, throws parties thereby leaving one crazy and stressed out.

Stress results in anxiety and anxiety to panic attacks. When uncured for a long period of time, this condition can make hazardous alterations to one’s respiratory system. It clogs the respiratory tubes thereby resulting in several health hazards including shallow or rapid breathing, perils of asthmatic problems, and changes in the breathing patterns to name a few. The normal reaction towards stress is breathlessness, rapid breathing and in few cases hyperventilation. If prolonged, this can result in upper respiratory tract infection.

Most people are of the misconception that there are no effective remedies to escape this troublesome situation but the truth is there are respiratory herbs that can work wonders. So this year give herbs to your loved ones as a healthy New Year gift to help them keep away from respiratory problems. This is a safe option as it is side-effect free, is cost effective and easily available.

Take herbs to ward-off stress this New Year

  • Wild Cherry: this acts as an antitussive and a sedative agent. It has proven extremely beneficial in alleviating shallow or rapid breathing resulting from a bronchial or an asthma infection. Wild cherry helps in strengthening and relaxing the respiratory system during infection and is used often in cough syrups as well as other cough formulas.
  • Mullein: as per studies it has been discovered that an infusion of this herb is truly beneficial for dry, raspy throat or irritated, dry lung conditions. The leaves of mullein act as a demulcent and a powerful expectorant that encourages secretions in the dry mucus membranes. This is one of the most effective respiratory herbs.
  • Hyssop: this expectorant can be used for treating infections of the lungs including asthma, bronchitis as well as respiratory conditions related to colds and coughs. The extracts of this herb also contain antiviral effects.

These are few of the most effective herbs that have proven beneficial in allaying sore throat, cough and are extremely beneficial in treating asthma and respiratory infections. Give this healthy New Year gift to your loved one. These respiratory herbs are always a safe option as they are sans side effects and hence healthy for any age group.


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