Herbal Remedy for Stress could be Given as a Unique Christmas Gift

Try a unique Christmas gift

Are you confused what gift to give your loved ones this Christmas? Why not give them an natural herbal remedy for stress and let them enjoy the festival to the fullest. Every festival brings with it some kind of stress and exhaustion thereby leaving one tired in the whole process. Hence we have come up with this unique Christmas gift idea which will enable your near and dear ones to celebrate Xmas in a stress-free way.

Best herbal remedies to combat stress this Christmas

  • Chamomile: this herb is known to calm and relax, and help the nervous system in slowing down along with the whole body for relaxing. For best results use 1 cup chamomile flowers or half cup dried. Crush these flowers in a bathroom sink containing very hot water and stir the same for some time. Put a soft towel or cloth over the head to help it drape down on both sides of the face. Lean over this hot water and then breathe deeply. Breathe this for about 3 minutes and then drink a glass of cold water. This is a good herbal remedy for stress relief.
  • Passionflower: this is an effective and safe way for treating stress and anxiety. It acts as a nervine relaxant that works wonders for insomnia, anxiety, irritability and tension headaches.
  • Lemon balm: a cup of hot tea sipped slowly is a sufficient psychological boost for easing the edge from a strenuous and hectic day. Yet while one is at it, move ahead and augment the effectiveness. Chamomile or lemon balm is an effective herbal tea that has proven beneficial in helping one to calm and relax. Alternatively, one can also try anti-stress blends including passionflower or valerian. One can also try St. John’s wort or may be a combination. Drink a strong cup made from these herbs prior to going to bed and ease into a relaxing sleep. This is also an effective herbal remedy for stress relief.

So, what are you waiting for? Give this unique Christmas gift to your near and dear ones and let them remain relaxed and cheerful this festive holiday season.


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